Player of the month

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This Premier League season the boys and girls are going to be voting for their ‘player of the month’.  For August the winner is…Raheem Sterling of Liverpool – congratulations!  Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester United are the three most supported clubs in Uganda with Chelsea the forth.

National Football Champions

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Last week the under 12s National football tournament was held in western Uganda.  Five 1moreChild girls were chosen to represent the Jinja district.  The week started with some training sessions and ended with the tournament.  Jinja won their group games 2-0; 5-0 and 6-4. They then won the final 1-0. Read More

Top Boy

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This year we have got 13 children in the first year of senior school.  They are a talented bunch – on the football field, in the classroom and in life.  When we were talking about ‘excellence’ recently we mentioned David Beckham, Ronaldo and then someone said ‘Lochilichilia Geoffrey’.  Lochilichilia has been with us from the beginning and has seen both his parents die.  He is the eldest of five children and is a kind responsible role model. Read More

Local Charity

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Recently our children had two days off whilst their teachers were on training course. The children have been learning about caring for their environment so we decided to put it into practice. We carried out two work projects. Read More

The big event

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Every once in a while something really special comes along – a one-off event.  That event has just ended in Milan.  Over the past four days, 125 cyclists rode 560kms from Geneva to Milan to raise money and awareness for 1moreChild.  Together they raised a staggering total of over £100,000! Read More

Geneva to Milan

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The third leg of the Ride25 journey from London to Sydney sets off next Thursday from Geneva.  125 cyclists are covering over 560kms on their way to Milan whilst raising money for 1moreChild. Read More