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By July 16, 2014Uncategorized

Recently our children had two days off whilst their teachers were on training course. The children have been learning about caring for their environment so we decided to put it into practice. We carried out two work projects.

One, on the area of land where we play football, which involved clearing rubbish including paper, shoes, glass and polythene bags.

football field rubbish

The other was in the slum village of Masese, where the children live. Here we collected huge amounts of general rubbish from around homes, unclogged trenches and vegetable patches. We also cut back many overgrown bushes and large areas of grass.

Masese rubbish clearing

Our children eat breakfast at a small mud hut owned by Mama Muganda. Her eating place was revamped by adding layers of a mixture of ordinary soil, cow dung and murram to the interior and exterior walls and floor.

Mudding Mama Muganda's walls

A number of the community members appreciated the children’s work, but a number complained that they were trouble makers and asked why we had taken the children to get involved with dirty things. We had planned to work on one ladies’ house, but she refused our help as she was only a tenant.

Overall it was an exciting day for all involved and helped the children learn through fun about the importance of keeping our environment clean.