What do you need to play a football match?

By September 7, 2014Uncategorized

A football obviously, but after that?

Some might say goal posts. Depending on where you are playing though, you can usually put down some jumpers or bags, or make use of something around like a tree. Whilst there’s very little chance of goal-line technology, the result is usually more than adequate to have a kickabout or even a match.

Football kits? In thousands of football leagues across the UK, dirty (and probably muddy) shirts and shorts will be washed after a sweaty 90 minutes, ready for the next match. For those who have forgotten their team shirt they would still probably be able to borrow one from a team-mate – it might not have your number on it but you can tell whose team you’re on. If it’s a low-key match, any T-shirt will suffice.

Football boots? These are harder to borrow from a team-mate. How many team-mates have the same size and shape feet and have conveniently brought a spare pair? And have you tried running in shoes that are too tight (can’t feel your toes) or too loose (feel like they’re going to come off, and in some instances they do, as the below shows!)

So how about playing a football match without any football boots? I have to admit I didn’t think about football boots or shoes as being that important as I’ve always had a pair. Even when I played football at school, I had shoes which weren’t perfect for scoring great goals (or missing the target entirely in my case), but they were good enough. I didn’t really stop to think that footwear was something that I would be without.

A donation of £10 would allow one of our 1MoreChild boys or girls to own a pair of football boots that would become their most prized possession. We’ve been fortunate to receive some pairs of football boots from kind donors, but most of our children play barefoot.

It’s great to see the children passionate about an activity they love to do, but it’s always heart warming to see someone take care and pride in something that means a great deal to them – a pair of worn and used football boots.

We appreciate not everyone can donate, but do hope at least you don’t take your footwear (sporting or normal) for granted. If you are fortunate to own a pair of football boots, at least take care of them a bit more than the footballer in the video above!