Joseph was the first boy we sent to school, fed and mentored in November 08. After he came 25th out of 178 children and attended school every day, we decided to give the next 33 a chance. In 2003 Joseph’s mother died. He doesn’t know where his father is and he moved to Jinja in 2008 to live with his older brother, John Bosco (who is also one of our boys). Joseph is extremely bright, a great footballer and a strong leader. Joseph has benefited hugely from the impact of a stable home and has a great opportunity to change the world around him.


Michael was our youngest boy. We first met him when he was sleeping on the streets and he was well known by all the Jinja shopkeepers. He was known to everyone as Cocolan which means “Thief”┬áso we have insisted that he is now called Michael again. Michael came to Jinja in 2005 with his mother who died a year later. His father is an alcoholic and is re-married. In 2009 we rented a room in Masese for him to live with his brother Bosco (below) and older sister. Sadly his sister became pregnant and ran off to beg in Kampala which devastated Michael. Since then he has lived in the Magwa boys home which has had a hugely stabilising effect on him. He has changed dramatically becoming so excited with life (sometimes hyperactive!) and constantly smiling.

BOSCO (16)

Bosco was one of the first boys we met on the streets and was always the one in trouble. He was often playing with radios and electronics, but showed no interest in going to school. As a result, we didn’t take him on in February 2009 along with the other boys. By the second school term however, he realised he was missing out and that most of his friends were off the street so he asked us if he could go to school too. Bosco was 14 years old and had never been to school! He is extremely bright and is now very settled at school. Bosco is living in the Magwa boys home and is regularly seen washing his little brother’s clothes.


Emmanuel’s English is very good and he is always ready to flash his cheeky grin! He is a great older brother to Stephen, Mary, Muya & Lobong (who are also with us) as their parents spend months away digging in Eastern Uganda. Emmanuel was born in Jinja and is the eldest of 6 children. His favourite subject is maths and worst is science.