Bosco has worked as a Social Worker since 1998 helping children at risk, particularly street children in Jinja. Bosco is the General Manager of 1moreChild. He oversees the staff and all areas of Social Work.
Bosco lost both parents at a young age so he is a model of hope to the children around him. Bosco hopes to contribute towards building a focused, motivated and energised 1moreChild family equipping both staff and children to serve their communities.


Benson is the Wako Close house manager. He lives at the boys home and is responsible for the day-to-day welfare of the Wako Close boys. Benson liaises with the teachers, monitors health issues, runs the daily tutoring and provides encouragement and mentoring. Benson is the main role model for these boys.

Benson grew up in central Uganda. His mother died when he was young. He is the youngest of 5 siblings, two brothers have since died. Benson is the first member of his family to have been to school. He speaks five languages. Benson was accepted into one of Uganda’s top colleges for his last two years of school (A Levels). There he learned both leadership and mentoring principles.

Benson loves seeing children become a “somebody”. He enjoys teaching them life skills, learning to communicate well and become important people in their community.


Jimmy is the Plot 66 house manager. He has lived in Karamoja all his life where he completed school. Jimmy worked for the Red Cross and Samaritans Purse before joining 1moreChild. He is a kind, gentle and strong leader of the boys home. Jimmy is 23 years old. He enjoys taking care of the boys and loves playing football with them. Jimmy is enjoying the staff training and mentoring the boys in life skills and decision-making.


Susan is the Hajji Tarmac house manager. She is 27 years old. Previously Susan worked for the UN at a refugee camp on the border with Sudan. She has training in counselling and a Diploma in Development Studies. Susan’s parents worked in the main hospital in Karamoja as a doctor and a nurse. She has four brothers and one sister. Susan loves working with children, is excited to teach them more crafts and hopes to help them change their community. Susan is extremely gentle, devoted to the children and very wise.


Agnes is the Madhvani Road house manager. Agnes is 26 years old and has a diploma in social work. Before coming to 1moreChild, Agnes worked for World Vision as a community worker. She has worked with other NGOs in Karamoja assessing children’s needs, doing school visits and doing community training. Agnes loves being with children and is excited to help her girls develop character and learn respect. She says a number are currently stubborn, but is confident they will change to become bold women who are able to make their own decisions.


Hen is responsible for all financial aspects of 1moreChild as well as overseeing the tutoring and medical needs of the children.


Harry is the Managing Director of 1moreChild. He is responsible for the overall running of 1moreChild and also manages the boys football teams Masese United.

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