We provide school fees, 3 meals a day, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, clothes, medical care, tutoring, mentoring, a football club and various other activities.

The Children’s Home

1moreChild currently rents eleven houses in Jinja, seven boys homes and four for girls. These homes accommodate the children that don’t have families, and act as a youth centre for those who live in the slum village of Masese. The children who still live with their families come to the house every day and it has become a place that they all call home.

Each home has a full-time house manager to oversee the house and to be a positive influence in the children’s lives. They also provide after-school tutoring, medical care and mentoring. There is also a house mother who oversees the cooking and cleaning.

On Saturdays we have a “family” lunch which all the 1moreChild boys and girls attend. Afterwards we have a football match or play various games at the houses.

They are also a place where we can invite other children still on the street. On Monday and Tuesday evenings and Sundays, the houses are open for any street children to come and have a meal.


We believe that children require the basic needs mentioned above in order to function well at school and that education is imperative for success in today’s world. However, in our opinion, mentoring is the key to being able to face the hardship, corruption and challenges in Ugandan life today. Our staff members spend hours each week investing into the lives of the children individually and in groups, teaching them values like honesty, respect, integrity and leadership skills. We believe, to do this effectively, the children need role models from their own tribe. As a result we have purposefully recruited successful Karamojong young men and women with a desire to work with vulnerable children from their own tribe.

Home visits

One of our core values is a commitment to keep children in their original families wherever possible. As a result, we undertake regular home visits to assess family situations and needs and to provide meals, mattresses and mosquito nets to a number of children in their own homes.

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